2019 Annual Report

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Diverse Group of People

In 2019, the Steelcase Foundation granted more than $4,704,650 to programs that have the power to address societal inequities and change people’s lives.

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Diverse Group of People

Yet, while funding is a vital part of creating the conditions for change, it’s not the whole answer.

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Real social change requires involvement from an entire community of people—
nonprofit leaders and staff, private citizens and public officials, volunteers, advocates, collaborative funding partners, and the people who are living daily with the issues we seek to address.

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Diverse Group of People

Engaging people toward social change brings results that are far more indelible—longer lasting and farther reaching.

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Because, while grants have a limited life cycle, the countless people impacted by them directly and indirectly—those who have become engaged, inspired, informed, convened, connected, coached and supported by the mission—carry that change forward for a lifetime.

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Diverse Group of People

Surely, our granting is producing significant social change in the years ahead.

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But through its consequent coalescing of public interest and engagement around issues of social justice,
it becomes a catalyst for a better future—amplifying the impact of our giving and building the capacity of our grantee organizations long into the future.

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Diverse Group of People

This year’s annual report celebrates the engagement of people and their power to inspire lasting social change toward the work of building a more just and vibrant community now, and long into the future.

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Diverse Group of People

Chair, Steelcase Foundation

President, Steelcase Foundation

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Empowering people to reach their full potential is the mission of the Steelcase Foundation.


Kate Pew Wolters, Chair

Brian Cloyd

Mary Anne Hunting

James P. Keane

Craig Niemann

Robert C. Pew

Rob Pew

Elizabeth Welch


Craig Niemann, Chair

Brian Hughes

Mary Anne Hunting

Stacy McKinney

Quan Mac

Raj Mehan

Kate Pew Wolters


Julie Ridenour, President

Leslie Schoen, Foundation Administrator and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Brittany Dernberger, Grant Analyst

Grouping of Diverse People

Kentwood Parent Academy

A conversation with Michael Zoerhoff on bringing people to together to serve the needs of non-English speaking school families.

The Kentwood Parent Academy engages education, business, and cultural leaders to welcome immigrant families and help parents become advocates for their children’s academic success in a district where families speak 60+ distinct languages. Read Full Interview

A $65,000 grant ($65,000 future) to engage business and cultural leaders in meeting the needs of immigrant, refugee, and non-English speaking families in Kentwood Public Schools to build trust, foster independence, and support their children’s success in school.

We have this day and the rest of our lives, however long that may be, to make a difference, change our behavior, take action, and do the things we've always dreamed of.

Grouping of Diverse People

Center for Community Transformation

A conversation with Justin Beene on engaging people in transformative change

The Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project engages thousands of people a year in creating a community where the most vulnerable are able to play safely in local parks, have healthy and affordable homes, experience economic mobility, and enjoy relationships that cross traditional boundaries. Read Full Interview

A $100,000 grant supports development of a permanent, sustainable, multiuse center for community development and economic activity in the Madison Square neighborhood.

I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.

Grouping of Diverse People

Can you Imagine? A future filled with hope

A conversation with Marge Palmerlee on building relationships to foster a more equitable community.

Degage Ministries coalesces businesses, community stakeholders, and the public in offering help and hope to people who are homeless, disadvantaged, or in crisis, with the aim of fostering independence and eliminating homelessness in our community. Read Full Interview

A $200,000 grant supports the Can You Imagine? A Future Filled With Hope capital campaign to expand and renovate facilities to serve more people in a more dignified manner.

The people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.


($2,449,352 future)


($1,381,738.00 future)


($672,614.00 future)


($672,614.00 future)



Thank you Steelcase employees and retirees for multiplying our efforts, one gift at a time. Learn more about our matching gifts program

Grouping of Diverse People

Whenever one person stand up and says, “Wait a minute, this is wrong,” it helps other people to do the same.

2019 Statements of Financial Activities

Steelcase Foundation Logo

“Help me to see the potential you see in others. And speaking of potential, allow me to see my own unique potential for making a positive difference in my world.”

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