Our People

Every member of our team contributes to the Foundation’s mission of creating a more just and liberated community.

Meet Our President

Daniel Williams

A leader in education and equity-centered design, Daniel works to advance justice through education and community engagement. He believes deeply in the innate brilliance of community and the importance of centering the voices of those so often ignored.

Leslie Schoen

Grants and Operations Manager

Trudy Ngo-Brown​

Program Officer​

Stacy Stout

Director of Family-Centered Philanthropy

Erika VanDyke

Project Manager

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees includes descendants of the Steelcase families, as well as our first non-family board member to help us better understand the needs of our local communities and how to make the best impact toward the causes we support.

Community Committees

Our Community Committees include subject-matter experts in their respective fields, providing critical insights and expertise to help us further our work.

Photo courtesy of our friends Together West Michigan

Creating conditions where all can participate, grow, & thrive

Our three Foundation community investment strategies are based on best and most innovative approaches to philanthropic efforts and learning from stakeholder interviews and experience. They advance the Steelcase Foundation’s mission and are supported by our guiding principles.The cumulative impact of the three strategies will move the community, sector, and Foundation closer to the vision where the inherent brilliance of community is embraced and efforts are focused on creating conditions where all can participate, grow, and thrive.