2019 First Quarter Grant Awards

The Steelcase Foundation awarded seven grants to the following organizations for the Foundation’s Q1, 2019.

– Education

Affinity Mentoring

  • Affinity Mentoring was awarded $75,000 over three years to expand its programming to recruit, train, and match more caring adult mentors with students, provide mentors with online literacy training, and implement a comprehensive, evidence-based program evaluation to gauge program success.

Education Trust – Midwest

  • Education Trust – Midwest was awarded $1,350,000 over three years to continue its work through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), which provides professional development to teacher leaders in eight West Michigan high poverty districts. Through these initiatives, CETL will reach more than 200 educators and 3,000 students.

– Social Justice

Micah Center

  • Micah Center was awarded $294,000 over three years to implement broad-based organizing work to improve its members’ leadership skills to engage in public life, build relationships across divides, and act together effectively. Through the three-year project, Micah Center members will organize to develop an issue agenda and action plan to advance systemic change in their communities.

– Community + Legacy

Council of Michigan Foundations

Grand Rapids Art Museum

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) received $175,000 over one year to continue its efforts to address a series of critical community needs, including art education that spans from early childhood to higher education; inclusive, accessible arts and cultural experiences for a diverse community; and the need for a vibrant art scene that contributes to the continued growth and upward trajectory of the greater Grand Rapids community.

Grand Rapids Symphony

  • Grand Rapids Symphony received $525,000 over three years toward its Resourcing the Future initiative, which seeks to fine-tune the Symphony’s operational and finance practices to match its artistic quality.

The Foundation also provided $111,599.76 in matching gifts, with $90,888.76 to education, $14,762 to arts and culture, $5,394 to environmental and conservation, and $1,355 to crisis and disaster relief nonprofits.