Q2 2019 Grant Awards

At its April 8, 2019 meeting, the Steelcase Foundation trustees awarded grants to the following four organizations:

Council of Michigan Foundations

The Council of Michigan Foundations received $15,000 for each of four years to support the Office of Foundation Liaison (OFL), which aligns and coordinates strategies between state government and philanthropy. The OFL focuses its efforts on prenatal to post-secondary education, workforce development, and health and seeks to:

  • Promote mutual understanding and collaboration between state government and foundations, and to identify strategic opportunities for partnership;
  • Serve as a trusted source of data, information, and dialogue about programs, policy impacts, and policy and implemented options;
  • Facilitate strategic joint investments that will improve outcomes for Michigan and its residents.

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

The Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative received $260,000 for one year to support its Empowering Parents Impacting Children (EPIC) Program, which utilizes a two-generational model to support 400 children and their families each year through its preschool and head start programming. Family Coaches meet with parents regularly to discuss issues they face and provide support, encouragement, and connections to resources as parents help their children achieve their fullest developmental potential.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation received $30,000 toward its Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund (NPTAF), which provides grants to Kent County nonprofits to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by offering consistent, accessible, and equitable funding through technical assistance grants. The fund helps local nonprofits increase their capacity and strengthen infrastructure to better serve our local community while freeing up philanthropic partners to fund more pressing needs in our community. Since its inception in 2004, the NPTAF has provided 421 grants totaling more than $2.8 million to more than 180 local nonprofits.

Heart of West Michigan United Way

Heart of West Michigan United Way received $100,000 for one year to support its efforts leading a yearlong collaborative project to provide temporary emergency shelter for families at Fulton Manor. The shelter can serve up to 70 families (248 people) each night, and provides a continental breakfast, evening meal, and case management services for those experiencing homelessness to help them get back on their feet while they identify other permanent or safe alternative housing.

The temporary solution has depleted Kent County’s waitlist for shelter space for the first time since March 2016, and has allowed time for the Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (CoC) and KConnect to thoughtfully develop long-term solutions for the county’s growing homeless population. For more information on efforts addressing homelessness prevention and response, check out the Steelcase Foundation’s blog entry on Homelessness in Grand Rapids.

Additional Foundation Contributions

The Foundation also matched 259 gifts to 150 organizations totaling $188,151.20 in additional contributions to art and culture, education, environmental conservation, and crisis organizations around the country. Thanks to all who participated in the program to facilitate these gifts.