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Increasing Opportunities through Promise Zone Scholarships

Grant Recipient

Grand Rapids Promise Zone Authority

Awarded Amount


In July of 2020, the Steelcase Foundation approved a grant of $250,000 over two years to the Grand Rapids Promise Zone Authority to provide two years of full tuition and fees to Grand Rapids Community College for students who live in Grand Rapids and graduated from one of the 24 high schools within the city. With a philanthropic investment of $3 million to cover the first two years of scholarships, the community will gain access to more than $30 million in SET tax capture to fund scholarships for generations to come.

To receive the scholarships students must:

  1. Live in the city of Grand Rapids;
  2. Attend a school within the city boundaries beginning in 10th grade and graduate;
  3. Complete a FAFSA form to determine Pell-grant eligibility as the scholarship provides last dollar support.

The Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship will provide two years of college and career training to all eligible students, removing financial barriers that might prevent many students from continuing their post-high school education. The Steelcase Foundation is excited by the scholarship’s potential to increase skillsets and career opportunities for young people and diversify the talent pipeline for area employers. It’s a win-win, and an impact which will begin to be felt by the community this fall.