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Intensive Mentoring for At-Risk Youth

Grant Recipient

Realism is Loyalty

Awarded Amount


Realism is Loyalty (RIL) received $23,712 in April of 2020 to provide intensive mentoring for some of the highest-needs youth who have spent time in the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center. Participants engage in deep mentoring, coaching, group sessions, and educational support with individuals with lived experience to meet young people where they are and help them navigate their challenges to embark on a better path forward.

Over 12 weeks, participants and staff engage in more than 216 hours of group and one-on-one sessions, setting weekly academic and personal goals and creating an environment of empathy, support, and accountability. Through the program, participants will improve their self-esteem, gain insights into effective coping and conflict resolution tactics, develop a network of support structures, and engage with the community in positive activities. The Steelcase Foundation is very grateful for Realism is Loyalty’s efforts to engage deeply in the lives of young people to give them the tools and support needed to become positive change agents in our community.