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Kent School Services Network

Grant Recipient

Kent School Services Network

Awarded Amount

$300,000 over three years

In 2023, the Steelcase Foundation awarded Kent School Services Network (KSSN) a three-year $300,000 general operating grant to implement the community school model across Kent County. KSSN’s mission is to “use the community school strategy to center student and family voice, identify solutions, and advocate for systems change resulting in student success and wellbeing.” The organization began nearly 20 years ago as an eight-school pilot led by the Kent County Family and Children’s Coordinating Council to transform the integration between health and human services organizations and schools, and has grown to include 46 Community School Coordinators housed at 45 schools.

Hear from KSSN staff, founders, and community advocates as they share their insights into the work. To learn more about KSSN, check out its website here.