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Campaign to Increase Affordable Housing in Grand Rapids

Grant Recipient

Dwelling Place

Awarded Amount


In January of 2020, Dwelling Place received $150,000 toward its Campaign to Increase Affordable Housing in Grand Rapids. Dwelling Place will construct 119 units of affordable housing in the West Grand and Roosevelt Park neighborhoods and employ deed restrictions to ensure the units remain affordable for at least 45 years. Dwelling Place will fund a full-time social worker to support families in the units, and earmark 18 units for families who have experienced domestic violence and will receive additional support from the YWCA to ensure their needs are met and they feel safe and supported in their homes.

Dwelling Place also will renovate 119 existing units of permanent support housing in the Heartside neighborhood to ensure previously homeless individuals with disabilities maintain access to much needed housing and support services. We appreciate Dwelling Place’s efforts to maintain and expand our community’s affordable housing portfolio to ensure moderate- and low-income individuals and families have a place to call home.