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Supporting Future Now! at the African Resource Center

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African Resource Center

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At their July 2021 board meeting, the Steelcase Foundation board of trustees approved a two-year $50,000 grant to the African Resource Center (ARC) to support its Future Now! program, which supports African immigrant students and their families as they adjust to life in their new county.

FutureNow! programming includes support to increase English and math skill development, academic tutoring, mentoring to help students develop cultural competencies for navigating American life, and referrals to mental health professionals to address underlying trauma students and families faced during their immigration journey. Parents are encouraged to participate in family activity nights and through one-on-one meetings to discuss their child’s academic and social progress.

African Resource Center will open additional study centers through partner sites to ensure access for students and families throughout the city. Each study center (called a library) will be established by ARC and handed over to the partner entity after three years to ensure it meets the needs of the center’s students while instilling best practices for conducting and elevating culturally intelligent programming. We’re excited to support the growth of the FutureNow! program to support immigrant students and families in our community.