Partner Story

Supporting Students Through Youth + Teen Mental Health First Aid

Grant Recipient

MSU Extension

Awarded Amount

$144,552.21 over three years

In October of 2021, MSU Extension received $144,522.21 over three years to expand its Youth and Teen Mental Health First Aid Programming to Grand Rapids, to support 10th graders in Kentwood, Wyoming and Grand Rapids Public Schools. 

The teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) curricula educates tenth through twelfth grade students to recognize the signs of mental health challenges and advocate for themselves and peers. Teens trained in tMHFA will learn to:

  • Recognize signs of mental health challenges and discuss openly.
  • Seek support from caring adults and mental health professionals.
  • Decrease stigma.
  • Encourage resilience and recovery.
  • Develop self-care plan including circle of support and self-love.

Teachers and school staff receive similar training to support youth who are experiencing a mental health challenge. The overall goal of the program is to increase mental health literacy, giving people the language to use and be more comfortable talking about mental health. We appreciate MSU Extension’s efforts to provide tools and support to entire school communities ensure teens’ mental health needs are supported.

Click here to learn more about MSU Extension’s Mental Health First Aid Programming.