Partner Story

Supporting Latinx Learners through Casa Latina

Grant Recipient

Davenport University

Awarded Amount

$500,000 over three years

In January of 2023, the Steelcase Foundation awarded Davenport University a three-year $500,000 grant to support Casa Latina, a fully bilingual, dual language academic initiative to support Latinx learners. Despite being the fastest growing population in the country, Latinx learners are currently the least represented in higher education with only 18 percent of Hispanic/Latinx adults holding a bachelor’s degree, compared to 37 percent of White non-Hispanics. Rather than mainstream or assimilate students into a one-size-fits-all higher education experience, Casa Latina taps into Latinx learners’ greatest strengths – bilingualism and biculturalism – to provide dual language career training in high-paying fields, culturally relevant academic supports and services, and connections to the Latinx community to boost the pipeline of bilingual business professionals and create a home for Latinx learners at Davenport University.

We’re excited to partner with Davenport University on this innovative approach to supporting Latinx learners. Casa Latina will begin accepting applications in fall 2023 for a program kickoff in fall of 2024. Hear from Carlos Sanchez, executive director of Casa Latina, to learn more about the initiative.