Partner Story

Supporting Equity in Literacy for Teachers in Kent County

Grant Recipient

Leading Educators

Awarded Amount

$600,000 over three years

In October of 2022, the Steelcase Foundation awarded Leading Educators a three-year $600,000 grant to create and support a learning community for local educators focused on culturally responsive and inclusive practice through equitable literacy instruction. The Equity in Literacy Fellowship will convene educators to harness their passions for educational opportunity, strengthen instructional practice around literacy, and grow leaders focused on inclusive and excellent schools noting that the best opportunity to address inequity in the classroom is to develop teachers’ lenses and intentions around academic rigor, wellbeing, inclusion, and culture. We’re excited to partner with Leading Educators for the next three years as it champions equity in education to ensure that all students in West Michigan receive a full and equitable education. 

Hear from participants in the Equity in Literacy fellowship as they share about the impact of their work on creating classrooms where all student can thrive.