Rapid Response + Emerging Action Grants $196,594.31

Grant fund provides support of up to $30,000 over one year to support projects that address emerging or time-bound community needs; and provides up to $60,000 over two years to newly developed programming that address specific community needs. Application process and first payment are typically completed within one month.

Athens Renaissance School

Supplies for Athens Robotics Programming

Grant: $18,741.64


Vocational Training and Bridge to Employment Program

Grant: $18,000

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Urban Forestry Education Planning

Grant: $20,000

Liberty Learning Foundation

Civic Character Development Programs in Limestone County + Athens City Schools

Grant: $20,000

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates

New American Legal Clinic

Grant: $30,000

Limestone Area Community Foundation

Community Needs Assessment

Grant: $15,000

Michigan Family Resources

Enhancing Equity + Quality in Infant/Toddler Education: Implementing the Great First Eight Curriculum in Kent County

Grant: $15,000

Michigan State University

Kent ISD Restorative Practices + Social Emotional Learning Research Practice Partnership

Grant: $29,852.67


MSU – Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Research-Practice Partnership (RPP)

Women’s Foundation of Alabama

Building a 2Gen Approach to Economic Prosperity for Residents in Limestone County

Grant: $30,000